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Star Wars The Card Game Images Galore!

Star Wars LCG Card Images

I'll mostly let the images speak for themselves but if you haven't already check out the more detailed look at the gameplay of the Star Wars LCG article I posted over the weekend which included these images.


First image up is a pic of the game in progress.
Attached Image: gamestate.JPG

The next 3 are the deathstar counter and the dark and light side force bonuses.
Attached Image: dscounter.JPG Attached Image: ds-force-bonus.JPG Attached Image: ls-force-bonus.JPG

And now for the cards

Attached Image: a-journey-to-dagobah.JPG Attached Image: a-solitary-plan.JPG Attached Image: believer-in-the-old-ways.JPG Attached Image: black-squadron-assault.JPG Attached Image: black-squadron-pilot.JPG Attached Image: c-3po.JPG Attached Image: corellian-engineer.JPG Attached Image: coruscant-defense-fleet.JPG Attached Image: counsel-of-the-sith.JPG Attached Image: counter-stroke.JPG Attached Image: cruel-interrogations.JPG Attached Image: dagobah-training-ground.JPG Attached Image: dark-precognition.JPG Attached Image: emergency-repair.JPG Attached Image: emperors-royal-guard.JPG Attached Image: force-lightning.JPG Attached Image: force-rejuvenation.JPG Attached Image: force-stasis.JPG Attached Image: guardian-of-peace.JPG Attached Image: heat-of-battle.JPG Attached Image: heat-of-battle-light.JPG Attached Image: hit-and-run.JPG Attached Image: human-replica-droid.JPG Attached Image: im-on-the-leader.JPG Attached Image: intimidated.JPG Attached Image: isb-interrogators.JPG Attached Image: it-binds-all-things.JPG Attached Image: jedi-in-hiding.JPG Attached Image: jedi-mind-trick.JPG Attached Image: jedi-training.JPG Attached Image: kuati-security-team.JPG Attached Image: last-minute-rescue.JPG Attached Image: lightsaber-deflection.JPG Attached Image: luke-skywalker.JPG Attached Image: nightsister.JPG Attached Image: obi-wan-kenobi.JPG Attached Image: old-jedi-lightsaber.JPG Attached Image: our-most-desperate-hour.JPG Attached Image: r2-d2.JPG Attached Image: rancor.JPG Attached Image: reconnaissance-mission.JPG Attached Image: redemption.JPG Attached Image: resistance-informant.JPG Attached Image: return-of-the-jedi.JPG Attached Image: shadows-of-dathomir.JPG Attached Image: sith-library.JPG Attached Image: target-of-opportunity.JPG Attached Image: target-of-opportunity2.JPG Attached Image: the-emperors-web.JPG Attached Image: the-hands-blessing.JPG Attached Image: the-heart-of-the-empire.JPG Attached Image: there-is-no-escape.JPG Attached Image: the-secret-of-yavin-4.JPG Attached Image: tie-advanced.JPG Attached Image: trust-your-feelings.JPG Attached Image: twist-of-fate.JPG Attached Image: twist-of-fate-light.JPG Attached Image: vaders-tie-advanced.JPG Attached Image: yoda.JPG
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Thanks for posting this!
That is a lot of pics!!

~ Yoda is so awesome, he turned up twice ;)
Yeah, this is pretty awesome! Looks like some Expanded Universe stuff, or am I forgetting something (Nightsisters?).
Just to give myself some kind of relative perspective since I am an AGoT player:

Unit cards are like Characters.
Objective cards are like Locations.
Enhance cards are like Attachments.
Event cards are the same name and type of card.

Am I missing anything? Am I incorrect?
Aug 20 2012 07:40 PM
Bomb: there are enhancements (like the Sith library) that are more like locations in Thrones. The person who ran my demo basically described as enhancements as being locations and attachments all bundled up into one card type. I would say Objectives are more like milder, permanent plots (until they are destroyed, of course).
Yeah darkbladecb has it right, locations/attachments are both handled by enhancements and Objectives are the most like plots although if anyone has played Call of Cthulhu I'd say they are most like the story cards from there.
Ok cool. Thank you for that info!
I had a few questions on how Objectives work. I've read over what Darksbane's written here and watched Team Covenant's video, but I don't think I saw the answers I'm looking for.

So you have an Objective deck with ten Objectives, correct? How are three of them selected to be your active Objectives (or whatever the game's terminology is) that your opponent is attacking? Do you select three at random from your deck, or do you get to pick the three to start with? And if one of your Objectives is destroyed, can it be replaced with one of your remaining Objectives, or are you down to what you have left out? The demo shown in the TC video ended pretty much right when the Light Side took out its first Dark Side Objective, so the FFG rep didn't really cover what comes next.