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Tournament Reports Archives

The Adventuring Sub-optimal Snakes and Highgard...

Apr 26 2016 12:00 AM | Malkavian in Tournament Reports

This is not a tale about winning, It's one about following your dreams. Follow me as I struggle with a Tyrell, Banner of the Sun deck and try to win a league in the Bulgarian meta.

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Fire and Gold: Portland Dec 12 Tournament Repo...

Dec 15 2015 12:00 AM | Alexfrog in Tournament Reports

My tournament report for our Portland Tournament at Guardian Games on Dec 12. I won with Targaryen/Lannister:

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Undefeated in Varberg Morgulis a report

Sep 21 2015 12:00 AM | lejon in Tournament Reports

Hi! My name is Pontus “Chochem” Strimling and I recently won Varberg Morgulis. You may not know me put I am part of the Swedish meta (team captain last and I have played the only game that matters for 2,5 years now. I am a creative deckbuilder and crappy tournament player. My decks are usually at their best when a Jamie player rains them in from chaotic entity to lean mean fighting machines. For instance the overall champion in last year’s Stahleck, Andreas Rybeck, played decks I thought up both in joust and melee. The decks had after my creation been improved on in joint work with him and Jacob Hultman which is no doubt what made them excellent. Last Saturday however I managed to take a deck that had not been trimmed down and pilot it myself into a string of undefeated games leaving me as the new Swedish champion. This is the story about how it all went down.

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European Team Championship (ETC) 2014 Recap

Dec 08 2014 09:22 AM | Greekguy in Tournament Reports

European Team Championship (ETC) 2014 Recap

So... Where do I start? Hell, sometimes a good tale starts from the end. Let's start from there. Let's start from the moment that "We are the Champions" song from Queen played in Castle Stahleck, and the 3 players from England finally held the Cup in their hands. Click the song and let it play as I guide you through the epic journey of the 1st European Team Championship event...

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Greek Nationals 2014 - Runner up report

Oct 12 2014 10:45 PM | Serazu in Tournament Reports

Ok, it’s time I guess to post my report, concerning the Greek Nationals that took place in Athens…

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Game of Thrones Tournament Report - Thunder Bay...

Mar 25 2014 06:00 AM | Craken in Tournament Reports

North of the Border a Store Tournament was held, here's a rundown of the results from 1st place finish with Greyjoy Old Way!

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A Game of Thrones Tourney Report - Vancouver St...

Mar 21 2014 12:00 AM | RenaissanceMan in Tournament Reports

The Vancouver Store Championship took place on March 15th and I was a little jumpy going in. This was now my third competitive play experience with Thrones since starting the game back in March 2012, and with two regional wins from last year in the bag...

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OCTGN Tourney Report - Milling Raiders, a labou...

Sep 07 2013 08:00 AM | JRoel in Tournament Reports

I'm going to start off with a disclaimer saying that I did NOT make the cut. I started off pretty strong, but got obliterated in the later rounds. That said, I wrote a very detailed report after each round, sometimes thrilling, sometimes funny, and sometimes sad ;) . I also included a screenshot of the final board state at the end of each match. I hope you'll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed playing the matches and typing it up.

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Australian Nationals, 2nd place report

Sep 07 2013 06:00 AM | talism in Tournament Reports

Hi everyone Talism here and I've decided to do a small tournament report on my performance in the Australian Nationals. I finished a respectible 2nd place, playing my Greyjoy blacksails deck.

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Bootagot's Tournament Round Review 3

Sep 02 2013 07:05 PM | bootagot in Tournament Reports

This week I was up against fellow Australian Justin, playing his awesome Bara Black sails deck. The previous two weeks I had not played a single game apart from my tournament matches; however I felt at 2-0 I was starting to get into the business end of the tournament. So I decided to play a couple of games before my actual match. Either way I end up playing a Bara BS deck that I get a godly setup and first turn play, resulting in a concession before the second plot. So when Justin puts Bara BS on the board I am giving myself high fives like I just flogged one of these decks YAY… boy was I wrong.

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TO's report from FLEA BOTTOM FRACAS 2013

Sep 02 2013 01:20 AM | LukaszO in Tournament Reports

A short report from the recent event in Warsaw, that was part of the Stahleck roadmap

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Bootagot's Tournament Round Review 2

Aug 11 2013 07:45 PM | bootagot in Tournament Reports

Hi everyone, Bootagot here. I'm currently participating in Dennis Harrison's Game of Thrones OCTGN tournament and I'm going to write a article of my progress through the tournament and my experiences each round. This week we continue with Round 2.

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Bootagot's Tournament Round Review

Jul 23 2013 06:59 PM | bootagot in Tournament Reports

Hi everyone, Bootagot here. I'm currently participating in Dennis Harrison's Game of Thrones OCTGN tournament and I'm going to write a weekly article of my progress through the tournament and my experiences each round. This week we kick it off with round 1.

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Singapore Game of Thrones Regionals Report

Jul 06 2013 11:30 PM | N1VR3 in Tournament Reports

The Singapore Game of Thrones Regionals was held on 22nd and 23rd June 2013.

I'm Ervin, winner of Singapore A Game of Thrones Regionals 2013, bringing you a Regionals Report from Singapore.

Despite the terrible haze, we had a great showing of players in our small meta in Singapore, all ready to put their swords to the test and have an awesome time playing A Game of Thrones. :)

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Returning to the Game - First tournament in 8 m...

Jun 30 2013 12:00 AM | WolfgangSenff in Tournament Reports

I had quit the game due to emotional circumstances, and decided to get back in and make it mine again. I placed third so I did respectably even after the long absence.

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Never Say Never - Ballarat Regionals Report

Apr 22 2013 10:00 PM | jms in Tournament Reports

16 mighty lords and ladies of Westeros battled it out for supremacy in Ballarat. Deck lists, standings and a lengthy tourney report.

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Have a Nice Trip, See You Next Fall - NYC Regio...

Apr 30 2012 05:15 PM | WolfgangSenff in Tournament Reports

Written by Kyle Szklenski, on April 29th , 2012. Tournament report from April 28th , 2012, New York City regionals. Author’s note: As you all know, I like to talk. I also like to write. A lot. I will include a tl;dr summary near the end for thos...

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We Have a Dream - Athens, Greece Last Winter Jo...

Feb 17 2012 06:00 AM | Greekguy in Tournament Reports

There is a small country at eastern Europe that faces many problems, economic and many more. But it's citizens never forgot where the word "games " started to have a meaning. Gio Karab reporting from Greece for the AGoT LCG madness that takes p...

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Tournament in the Nation's Capital!

Jan 12 2012 05:00 AM | Danigral in Tournament Reports

The Kingsguard of DC invite you to the nation's capital for The Battle of the Chesapeake Bay. When: Sat Feb 25 check-in at 11 and Sun Feb 26 check-in at 12.Where: Labyrinth Games (645 Pennsylvania Ave SW Washington, DC 20003)Entry: $15Details: Jou...

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GenCon 2011 3rd Place Deck (Top Targ Joust Deck)

Aug 10 2011 05:00 AM | Twn2dn in Tournament Reports

I want to take a few minutes to discuss what I think is currently the most powerful House Targaryen build in joust. I don't mean to suggest this is somehow the "perfect" list, but just that the Maester's Path agenda is clearly the best...

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Flaying around with House Bolton

Jun 01 2011 05:00 PM | mathiasfricot in Tournament Reports

I’mgoing to start this article with a little about me and our local meta. Firstly,I have about three months of actual play experience that was interrupted by a year at University. Our meta is a small group, ranging from about 5 to 10,giving us a subpop...

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NYC Regionals, May 21st, 2011

May 23 2011 05:00 AM | WolfgangSenff in Tournament Reports

Well, it's been quite a while since I've written a tournament report, mostly because back when I played more consistently, there weren't that many high-level tournaments in my area. I wanted to write one up for this tournament though becaus...

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